Rethinking the Internet: the Othernet With Dhruv Mehrotra

As Governments and large corporations like Google and Facebook take over control of the flow of internet traffic- it begs the question- is there a different, more decentralized and localized option? Is it even possible to protect your privacy online any longer? Recently I sat down with Dhruv Mehrotra, the creator of the Othernet to discuss his project and how we can change the way we think about and use the internet.

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Ale ‘n Wich Pub: An Oral History With Owner Robert D’Elia

I Have for the balance of my time in New Brunswick frequented the Ale ‘n Wich Pub, and I’ve always been stricken by the stories the place must have to tell. There is not much about it on the internet besides reviews of the bar. So I decided I’d ask Owner Robert D’Elia for an interview. Lucky enough for me he obliged and what he had to tell me certainly did not disappoint.

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